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Dharampal Singh Degree College
  Dharampal Singh Degree College
Baraut, Budhana Road, village Adampur ( Pusar ) Baghpat. ( U.P.)

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Modern civilization has advanced considerably in the field of mass education, but the result is that people are more unhappy that ever before because of the stress placed on material advancement to the exclusion of the most important part of life , i.e., spiritual aspect. Those who play the role of helping this sort of civilization in the name of educational advancement are actually doing more than those who are on the platform of gross sense of gratification. Above all the senses in the mind, and above the mind is the intelligence and the intelligence is the soul.
Thus the aim of real education should be self realization and restoration of the spiritual values. Education which not lead to such realization must be considered leading to nescience. By the culture of such nescience one goes down to the darkest region of ignorance.
It is with a sense of pride and privilege, that I welcome you to our temple of knowledge. Here your identity is not just another number but we welcome & respect you as a living, potential citizen worthy of a great cause. It is not surprising then, that the collages aims at turning out intellectually enlightened, morally upright, spiritually inspired emotionally balanced and socially committed youth and not simply degree holders. I wish all our students every success in their education and continued glory thereafter.
Ch. Sudesh Pal Signh
( Director )
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